Drilling a Borewell Includes 5 major stages to trap water from underground to the surface:

1. Selection of point to drill Borewell

2. Drilling the Borewell until the required level

3. Visualizing the number of fractures present in the Borewell

4. yield test to exactly know the discharge of water per hour or min.

5. Selection of pump or motor based on amount of yield

Selection of point : Although Geologists or water divining experts provide the exact station to drill a Borewell, initial planning task is very much important in drilling.

Stage-1 : make a research on neighbours borewell depth minimum and maximum feet.

Stage-2 : Ask all the well owners about their amount of yield in the borewells till date since drilling according to the season.

Stage-3: Inspect the major Ground recharging units around your area like natural river, open ground, lakes, sea or reservoirs.

Stage-4: Calculate the number of borewells failed after drilling in your area.

Stage-5: speak to a expert in regards to your plan of drilling the Borewell