The GMX-600

The GMX-600 is a powerful electrical survey equipment used in identification of fault zones, weathered zones, fractures, aquifers and formation changes by current input and measurement of resistance by voltage output. The device works on geophysical platform where calculations can be determined in schlumberger array, wenner array and di pole array.

Site inspector can accurately calculate the depth from the surface to the water yielding aquifer.

The live values can be calculated to determine the permeability of the source

The live values predict the quality of water.

Formation changes can be plotted in graph for the structural representation including depth

Note : complete training based on theory, practical and field investigation will be provided on purchase of our product

Main Functions

  • High resolution (16 bit, floating point)
  • High sensitivity (lowest voltage measured: 600nV)
  • Instrument managed by multiprocessor
  • Continuous readout of current/voltage
  • Auto ranging
  • Acquisition memory for 18000 reading
  • Creation of energetic wave based upon the parameters supplied by the user
  • Automatic filtering
  • Notch filters 50/60Hz
  • Reduction of noise with stacking and average of the acquired values
  • manual calibration at every switch-on
  • Suitable for any type of energizer (max.250V, 1A)
  • Light and compact structure in a sturdy weatherproof case

Technical Specifications:

P 1 0 0-1

  • Internal 12V battery
  • Output voltage from 0-250 V Output current guaranteed 1 A
  • Protection against short circuits
  • Indication of battery charge
  • Indication of current overload
  • RESERVE button (reset and forced activation) Battery charger connector protected against polarity inversions

Product includes

  • GMX-600 geophysical instrument
  • 2 Nos. electrode probes
  • 2 Nos. potential probes
  • 2 Nos. Hammers
  • 5 square 360 M