GMT 1200


Geo magnetic tracker is one of the world’s innovative equipment to understand the earth’s magnetic field difference (EMFD) which calculates the difference in each axis represented as X, Y, Z.

The observation of geomagnetic flux graph gives a clear evidence in exploration of a site for identifying a borehole drilling point, the well site where the number of fractures or aquifers’ are encountered produces a geomagnetic wave sign which produces a real time value in a precise geological exploration study.

GMT-1200 can be used by a single person with basic knowledge of understanding, no helpers required, power full instrument in exploration of groundwater sites, Borewell drilling and exploration agencies use our equipment worldwide, instrument is tested in the geological formations of India, Africa and Philippines with excellent results during the research

GMT -1200 Technical specifications

Model GMT-1200
version GMT-1200-V 9.0

System: Automatic
Platform: Geo-magnetic ressonance
Power source: 12 V rechargeable D.C
GIS, coordinate mapping, Geomagnetic field sensing, Real time values
Depth Range: 600 M (sedimentary strata or other rock unit in stratigraphic and petrologic studies)
Liquid crystal display with back light and Graphic version
calculation: Geo Magnetic value, positioning coordinate latitude and longitude
Device model: Hand held
Target identification: Buzzer, real time values displayed
Axis: Tri-Axis X.Y,Z
Power consumption: Built in system with power saver control, for long lasting battery set as low as 40 mA.
Equipment design: (origin) Italy
Manufactured: India, phillipines
Training: Theory,practical and field investigation
(For abroad customers we provide a complete online assistance in processing our equipment)

GMT-1200 Instrument application

  • Subsoil groundwater prospecting at shallow, medium and great depth.
  • Geological stratigraphy
  • Studies of salt water contamination in fresh water layers
  • Landslide monitoring
  • Mineral exploration (sulphides, etc.)
  • Archaeological research

Geominax GMT-1200 can be used for groundwater site investigation with high accuracy the real time values generated by the system provides a complete scope of understanding of the earth and surface formations, It is very much useful in small site investigations where the resistivity surveys cannot be carried out.

Note : Our instruments are sold only at authorized GeoMinax centers, our machines are provided only after a hands on demonstration and basic hydro geological site investigation training


87600 INR

1360 USD

17975.50 South African Rand

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